With the general election coming up,  fear,  anger, hunger,   dismissals and appraisals alike have created sceptical minds around the country.  The news channels are filled with political hemorrhage. Propaganda is at its best. Every bit of it brings out political aspirants as carnivores with drawn claws and teeth ready to pounce on their opponents given the slightest  opportunity. Campaign rallies have politicians using more time throwing tantrums like confetti to their opponents than the time spent on outling how best to represent us if given chance.  Largely, this situation downs to group the nation into three : politicians,  the media house and Wanjiku. 
       Politicians are busy going for their opponents neck and trying all means possible to get elected and more especially,  the highest throne(presidency) has the biggest competitors. The media houses are filled with news,  articles,  interviews and shows painting for us the political scene,  and then there is the normal mwananchi with a list of needs to be addressed.

The big fight has NASA(National Super Alliance) chanting #10MillionStrong,  and Raila is tye Joshua to deliver  Kenyans to Canaan. On the other hand,  Uhuruto team of #70plus still have faith in the incumbent government. Listening to the two types of supporters,  their favorite candidates are angels with biblical truth while opponents are liars and devils incarnate,  no questions asked . There is a very thin line between a baseless rumor,  cheap propaganda and actual fact. The media houses have ensured this. 

But then there is Wanjiku,  the patriot who has a list of demands that are actually needs but only appear like favors to the politician. She could gladly vote for Muthiora’s Dr. Kaluyu if convinced he has her best interest at heart.  

If all everyone wished  the best for this country,  it would be very simple.  Peaceful,  transparent,  free and fair elections are held. Whoever wins takes charge of the country and serves Wanjiku. Anyone with evidence of corruption,  rigging or conspiracy for that matter  forwards the case to the courts and lawful action is taken. 

Kenya is wonderfully diverse with many tribes,  several races who have different political affiliations. Nevertheless,  we all love this country and whatever happens on 8th August,  we will still be here. Political temperatures are near boiling point. On the material day and even after,  we should remain peaceful,  lest the 2007/2008 post election violence appears like a christmas party. 

By  S. Jummah 


Kenya-A horse on heat! 

Few days ago,  I read a certain article about a jockey’s troubles with his horse. I know you are surprised. Just to be clear,  I don’t have a sudden  love or interest in horses,  I can’t even ride one let alone own one. But with lecturers nearer the streets rather than lecture halls,  I read anything about anything at my liberty,  it so happened to be horses. I noticed the major trouble for the jockey was that he wanted his horse’s companionship in a race,  but it was on heat- it would prefer a colt’s company instead.

 Then the other day I was eager to watch Jeff Koinange unveil his show on Citizen TV.  He never disappoints.  He was with one of my favorite linguistic figures in the country, Barrack Muluka and some other political analyst.  I wasn’t much interested in the real ideas,  I just love the choice of  words in these guys.  I mean you can swim or drown in their talk,  depending on your level of understanding. Then I noticed they take stands and have a very unique perspective on issues.     I’m no professor or political analyst,  but I also have my perspective on certain matters.  

Now about the horses, they are stubborn creatures sometimes,  but most stubborn when on heat.  They show certain characteristics. Most conspicuous they are irritable and easily startled.  

I  don’t know how you would describe the situation in kenya right now…Strikes are everywhere.  


First it was IEBC out.  Of course we have new IEBC commissioners,  alongside subsequent strikes. Doctors have been at it for more than three months and counting.  Lecturers are on strike.  Nurses have been on strike. Then there are the uber drivers who also want their prices to go higher per kilometer.  I’m not sure how the  uber company in Netherlands  and our  government are related but that’s it.  Then if you watch news,  the pastors in Mombasa protesting about something of ‘not being consulted. 

Away with the strikes,  security in parts of Baringo has been terrible.  The Deputy president himself took to his heels upon hearing gunshots,  then followed a shoot to kill order.

  Notwithstanding,  political temperatures are rising as the general election date nears. Rallies that have accusers of pillage and plunder versus questioners of policies and verbal hemorrhage. 

The number of Kenyans affected by drought is now slightly above 1.7 million. 

 It is a really dire situation.


What would you do if you were the President. Sitting at the apex of this situation.  No wonder am reading about some people accusing the Hon. Uhuru,  the president of ‘abusive language’  in his speech in Turkana recently.  Of course I don’t take sides. But the guy is taking in a lot to stay cooI. Furthermore you and I  know the country is in a very delicate situation right now. 

To be a little bit more figurative am beating my chest- If Kenya would be a horse,  it is definitely on heat! !!  

By Jummah 

Love,  She is. 

​Beautiful, pretty, amazing 

Just perfect 

Drawn,  you fell for her

And it was an exciting adventureous  safari

That threw surprises upon your face 

That you never contemplated,  let alone anticipated, 

Love, lovely she is. 

She was a budding flower, 

Fragrance and astonishing vigour 
And you saw the world in her eyes 

A paradise :you accustomed to, wanting not a vacation 

Love,  lovely she is. 


She didn’t say it 

She was just a passerby 

And when the rain  came 

She saw you from afar

Painfully, out of reach 

All the same you were far


She found solace 

At the neighbor’s place 

And you were still running in the rain, 

Panting from obvious strain 

Unable to keep up. 

The truth dawns, 

Damn!  Its over… 

She is done, and gone

As memories glow in the heart 

Tears drop,  then flow

Burning embers of sleepless nights die down 

Cry no more

She is done and gone

Your bracelet,  red rose and picnic 

Don’t spark the flame anymore 

She is done and gone 

Your pretty words and hollow jokes turn disgusting 

For she is done and gone

Sing love songs no more 

They’re not your fit anymore 

For she is done and gone

Love,  lovely she is. 

A flower with more thorns than we’re will to accept 
But once you find the flower

Trim her

Water and pamper it
Adore and smile upon it every day 

Hoping she doesn’t wilt

Love, lovely she is 

Strange?  Yeeees… 

And so is she

               By Jummah

Guys I need critics on this.. . 

Yes, expectations

I always feel happy. You know why?  Because I don’t expect anything from anyone. William Shakespeare says that but I find it hard to believe.  If it’s true, he must have had a very comfortable,  happy life.  Then I  look at myself.  My life is a cocktail of expectations,  anticipation and for the most part, belief. 

My old man expects a lot from me.  My mum,  I presume the same. 

“Be a good son”

There is a variation of the understanding of ‘good‘  especially in our contemporary society.

Am good to my buddies if I threw them a party,  good to my girl if I pay attention to her,  only her.  Am good to the government,  patriotic if you may,  if I pay taxes. Good to the community,  if I give back. I presume my clique awaits as much from me,  as me from them,  and I think that’s fair.  Notwithstanding,  failing them isn’t the best feeling in the world. 

I came to believe in the philosophy of tit for tat in a way. For the extension,  if a bread is given,  bread or something equal to it is expected back. 

Oft expectation fails,  and most oft there where most it promises : and most it hits where hope is coldest,  and despair most fits

Life never ceases to amaze. If you are used to drinking wine,  and water is given in its place,  all you do is drink, with a little grumbling knowing pretty sure you won’t get drunk. 

The most trendy money topic right now in Kenya,  apart from Waiguru’s NYS and the general government allegations of looting is of course gambling.  The likes of sportpesa,  lotto,   then last Sunday I heard the priest talk of raffle tickets and some prizes for a certain church initiative, I had to laugh. I gamble,  and expect to win each time. There comes disappointment,  more often than not. 

Nevertheless,  I suppose you should  have anticipated my conclusion. Do you expect anything from anyone? Sure,  hope it comes through, positively.  You should expect  more links from me,  believing you would like them. Expect a lovely day,  you might just have it.

By  S. Jummah

The Christmas Spirit

The diversity of cultures all around the globe gives the difference in approaches to celebrate this time.  A festive season that incorporates celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ,  end of  a long year and of course ushers in another new year.   
Many people are often so happy and opt to save certain amounts all year to make this time count. 

People have grown fond of the idea of  giving for charity.  Others opt for showing appreciation to their loved ones. 

Santa Claus

It is the most joyous moment for kids to meet this legendary figure.  Of course the gifts he gives send kids running after him. The only challenge is he only rewards those “well behaved” throughout the year- that rules some of you from his list of hosts I guess. Nevertheless,  I wish Santa would live next door during my childhood and so do you! 

The Get Away 

Many of families want to have a get-away during this time. The coast is a darling for many,  remember the three s’… Sun, Sand and S. … There still is the option of Rift Valley sites and sceneries,  not excluding the parks.  Of course the financial variables are a critical factor. You choose not according to the heart,  but the pocket. 

 Get together 

My favorite Christmas festivities were those I knew growing up. We would converge at my grandpa’s homestead for stories and get together of the extended family.  The joy in meeting uncles aunties and so many cousins was incomparable to any other. 

As children we would play hide and seek in the moonlight of the Christmas eve. Nyama choma,  drum and dance in plenty. 

Church service was a must even for those who rarely attended them,  at least they would show off the new clothes. I don’t have to mention the Christmas carols on merely all radio stations. .. All was just fantastic. 

Nowadays I see people do things differently,  maybe you are doing your own right now. 

May you have,  and make merry this Christmas as you celebrate with family and friends. Have a fabulous,  prosperous New Year 2017.  By the way s it is Jesus’s birthday not yours, so do not over-indulge,  eat enough and to stay safe do not drink and drive. God bless you. 

By S. Jummah